About me

Personal Information

Name as in the header. I was born in 1994 in Łódź in Poland. I graduated from Łódź University of Technology in 2019 (BSc in 2017, MSc in 2019). In earlier years, during general education, I was learning in music school. My instrument was classical guitar. I like playing the guitar and it was always my hobby.

From CS field I'm mostly interested in embedded systems, distributed systems, networking software, Linux. My main programming language is C++. I also code a lot in Python. I know C, but I used it only in embeded system and own Linux modules. Additionally I started my journey with Rust and Go. In the early years (primary school and junior high school) I was writing some code in Pascal and PHP.

Professional Experience

In May of 2016 I started my professional career. My first employer was Fujitsu. I was working on a software defined storage. At the beginning, during internship, I was responsible for CI/CD (Jenkins, GitLab CI), internal tools written in Python with usage of Salt Stack. Later I started doing some development in C++ - I had my own part of software responsible for network and hardware monitoring. At the end I took over some Python development and releasing/maintaining tasks.

In 2019 I moved to Mobica. Great company, but I was assigned to bad project. So at the end of year I set up my own self-employment comapny sfinae.technology and started work as a contractor for Flightradar24 AB on a position of C++ Developer.

This website

I created my own website back in 2009. At the beginning it was my field for web-development learning (PHP, JS, HTML, CSS etc.). Later it become my blog about PHP and other topics from webdev. In later years I started writing about C++, but in general I wasn't a very active blogger :) Now I'm going to start writing again, because I like it. Technical writing gives me a lot of fun and forces me to understanding things more deeply :)


my GPG key: CA7D 7386 2C67 9267 1FE2 D309 F437 A421 0737 AE01

e-mail: kacper@kolodziej.it

irc: KolK @ Freenode; KolK @ OFTC