Renewed website


Through last few months nothing has happened here. Year 2015 was probably the worst if we talk about number of publications, which I have written. However they were the best articles I have ever written. Four of them has been translated to French by My articles has been linked on Twitter among other by biicode. One time my article was linked on

In last few months I was looking for solution which would let me confortably write content. Wheel Web System which I created in 2013 with PHP and Zend Framework is good, but now it's not enough. WYSIWYG editor does not fulfil my requirements. I needed syntax which will let me:

Eventually I have choosen pelican -- static pages generator and reStructuredText and Markdown syntaxes. I'll probably also try AsciiDoctor and check if these solutions are good enough for me.

New website uses great syntax highlighting system called pygments and MathJax for mathematical equations written in \(\LaTeX\). I think it will help me to provide readable content for my readers.

I have moved some texts from old website to a new one. They determine the direction which I have choosen in Computer Science. I'm going to publish new content with constant frequency -- I'll check if it will work. At the end of April my website will have round \(111_{(2)}^{\mathrm{th}}\) birthday, so it seems to be good time for changes :)