On this site I'm going to share pieces of my Linux environment configuration. Some parts in form of links to specific dotfiles, scripts etc. and some in form of descriptions.

My main workstation is desktop computer with Gentoo Linux. I use mix of i3 windows manager and XFCE 4 desktop environment. My i3's status bar is generated with Conky.

Most of my work I'm doing in terminal. I'm using mutt for reading email, vim as all-purpose editor, ranger (and sometimes midnight commander) to browse my files and tmux to make my terminal more powerful. To synchronize my e-mail I use offlineimap. Few months ago I started taking advantage of great ZSH features on my desktop machine. In most places I still use Bash.

Most of my works I store in Git repositories hosted on my local home server or one of remote virtual machines. A few weeks ago I started using private installation of Gitlab and I'm going to host more repositories there. I have also account on GitHub.

I also have HP Microserver Gen8 which I use as a home NAS. It has four 2 TB drives in ZFS RAIDZ1. For backups I use external USB 3.x hard drives.

To make my passwords safe I used to use KeePassX 2 (and KeePassXC 2). A few weeks ago I replaced it with LessPass password generator. In Firefox browser I use official plugin. In other places I use my cli interface to Python implementation of LessPass. More information about it you can find here.

Link to my dotfiles will be published soon.